21/05/2017 07:11 SAST | Updated 21/05/2017 07:11 SAST

Survivor Tells Her Story At #NotInMyName March


The voice of survivor Bukelwa Moerane, heard at the #NotInMyName march to the Union Buildings in Tshwane on Saturday, is just one of many voices of those who survived violence against women as well as those who didn't.

Moerane said she was abducted by a group of men in February this year and is only alive today because she jumped out of a moving car and ran for her life.

"When I was running for my life, I tried to get help from people in cars and no one stopped for me," said Moerane, urging men to help women who are in distress.

Her story epitomises the tragic tales of so many other women who have been accosted by men, some who have survived the horrific ordeal and others who haven't.

Karabo Mokoena, 19, was stabbed 27 times allegedly by her ex-boyfriend in April.

Priska Schalk, 29, was found handcuffed and stabbed to death in February, her boyfriend was arrested for the crime.

Mananki Annah, 28, was stabbed death in April and her body burnt and hidden by her boyfriend who confessed to the crime.

These are just three women who have been murdered this year at the hands of people who they knew.

"It is very unfortunate the other ladies did not survive, but their names will be remembered," said Moerane.

She said she spoke up about what happened for her because she wants the violence against women to stop; she wants women to stand up for themselves and for the killings to stop.

About 500 people marched to the Union Buildings from church square in Tshwane CBD. Marchers chanted not in my name with many thrusting their clench fists to the sky.

Organisers of the event, said all women who have been attacked and killed by men, would not be forgotten and that their names would not be buried with their bodies, but remembered as the powerful women they were.

"The killings can't continue and the rapes can't continue," said one of the event organisers, Obakeng Motshabi.

He said whilst the march may not solve the issue, it will spark conversations in the hearts of others and that people may then go into the communities and teach people about what is happening and all that is wrong.

He said that the #NotInMyName campaign may become a Non-Profit Organisation in order to start helping all women who are marred by the violence of men in South Africa.

Addressing the crowd at the Union Buildings, Moerane said it was high time that men took a stand to help women and to stop the violence. '

"Let's take a stand, let's stop the violence." -- News24