23/05/2017 13:11 SAST | Updated 17/04/2018 11:10 SAST

If Brian Molefe Had Facebook, This Is What It'd Look Like

If we were the ghostwriters of Brian Molefe's Facebook account, this is what it would say.

Resignation, retirement, retrenchment or unpaid leave?

Brian Molefe's shock return to Eskom as Chief Executive Officer has raised the ire of political parties, including the ANC. Everyone else, meanwhile, is trying to "connect the dots" of a narrative that would give even Shonda Rhimes a run for her money.

As Public Enterprise Minister Lynne Brown on Tuesday scrambles to explain Molefe's reappointment to Parliament, we put together a brief timeline of Molefe's Facebook posts detailing his journey through the fray, crocodile tears and all.

These Facebook posts are, of course, entirely real and not the work of a funny-boned member of staff. Not at all satirical, to be clear.

1. Let's go back to November last year. Molefe announces his resignation from Eskom. Yes, he resigned. Here's his own statement. Resigned. Voluntarily.


2. 2017 got off to a much better start for Molefe. No more crocodile tears.


3. A R30 million price tag struck Eskom as a little too pricey for Molefe's pay-out, so they brought him back in. Papa Action received a very warm welcome over at Megawatt Park. We aren't sure if he even knows about the hundreds of... uh, tens of..., uh six protesters (?) outside the office hoping to halt Molefe's return to power.


4. Resigned, retrenched, retired, reinstated...? Pick one and run with it, champ.


5. Oh, it was actually unpaid leave all along. How did we get so confused? Glad we cleared that up. Let's forget this whole mess and talk about his expertise instead, right? Haters be gone!


6. We put up with power cuts, but loadshedding accountability? South Africans simply don't have the energy for such.