22/02/2017 15:07 SAST

These Are The Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Breaking up with someone is never easy, but there’s no need to make it harder than it has to be. 

On Reddit, people have been sharing their opinions on the worst ways to break up with someone.

If you’re about to call time on your relationship and want to do it fairly, these are the breakup methods to avoid at all costs.

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1. “I think the worst way is when it is dragged out to the point where self-esteem issues and trust issues boil over and create a lasting effect.

“If you don’t want to be with someone, it’s OK. Just cut them loose and be done. Don’t do all the half-assed, passive-aggressive stuff in an effort to drive them away. It makes life miserable. It makes recovery harder.”


2. “Suddenly and without warning.”


3. “My ex thought the first step was to change his relationship status on Facebook to single. Then tell me that he was breaking up with me... We were together for almost two years.”


4. “How about your fiancé leaving you at the altar to go off with her ex, who you decided to invite as an act of kindness?”


5. “Sending her roses anonymously, then, when you ‘find out’, accusing her of cheating .”


6. ”My girlfriend’s brother broke up with his girlfriend on Valentine's day. After a nice meal together. In her favourite restaurant.”


7. “Ghosting.”


8. “Tell them you still really love them and wished it could work, but don’t tell them specifically why you’re breaking up... Don’t do that, my ex broke up with me like that.”


9. “Text. Just don’t, okay?”


10. “Once, as a teenager, my boyfriend called my mum and explained to her over the phone that he was breaking up with me. He then ignored any calls from our number as I attempted to call him back.”


11. “Post an askreddit question asking how to break up with someone, then sending a link to your significant other.”


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