01/06/2017 16:53 SAST | Updated 01/06/2017 17:53 SAST

Live Stream: Beyond The Guptas -- The Root Causes Of SA's State Capture

Including information from the explosive "Apartheid Guns and Money" book, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation is discussing the causes of state capture from apartheid to now.

With the leaking of emails between the controversial Gupta family and various government departments, heads and other officials, the conversation around state capture has never been more dynamic.

The book "Apartheid Guns And Money" delves into some of the most secretive forms of state capture under apartheid.

A public discussion takes place at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation on Thursday evening on the root causes of state capture in South Africa, and the consequences it has for ordinary citizens.

A panel of civil society researchers and activists will look at ways to challenge corrupt networks from apartheid and present day.

The discussion in Gardens, Cape Town between 5.30pm and 7pm will include findings from "Apartheid Guns And Money".

Speakers include:

  • Hennie Van Vurren – Author of the book "Apartheid Guns and Money"
  • Michael Marchant – Open Secrets
  • Noncedo Madubedube – deputy head of Equal Education in the Western Cape
  • Murray Hunter – Secrecy co-ordinator at the Right2Know Campaign