06/06/2017 13:03 SAST | Updated 06/06/2017 13:03 SAST

Why Are We Not Talking About Arthur Mafokate's Alleged Assault of Cici?

The silence of most celebs is deafening.

Arthur Mafokate and Cici during the 23rd annual South African Music Awards ceremony at Sun City on May 27.
Frennie Shivambu / Getty Images
Arthur Mafokate and Cici during the 23rd annual South African Music Awards ceremony at Sun City on May 27.

There aren't enough people talking about the fact that Arthur Mafokate is facing a charge of common assault laid against him by his girlfriend and singer Cici, real name Busisiwe Thwala.

Could it be that Mafokate's celebrity status allows for a blind eye to be turned to his alleged actions and for the rest of us to pretend his arrest allegedly for abusing a woman and subsequent release on bail did not happen?

According to a report by Sunday World, Mafokate spent the night of Thursday June 1 in police custody after the "Runaway" hitmaker laid an assault charge against him.

The newspaper reported that the singer, who was signed under Mafokate's record label, 999, before its closure, sustained injuries after he allegedly dragged her from his car on the street outside their home in Midrand.

She laid a charge of common assault against him at the Midrand Police Station.

He was released on R500 bail on Friday.

The newspaper reported that when the self-proclaimed King of Kwaito was on the phone with another woman, Cici became interested in why Mafokate was taking the call outside as well as why he was giggling.

She tried to grab the phone from him, after which an argument ensued.

He went to his car, saying he did not want to argue with her in front of children. She followed him, pleading with him to stop so they could talk it over.

Mafokate is reported to have driven off, dragging her with him as she held on to the door handle.

Since the news of the alleged abuse broke on Sunday, the silence in celebville has been too loud to ignore.

And we are not the only ones to notice.

People on Twitter took to the platform and criticised celebs of turning a blind eye on the matter because it involves prominent individuals.

While some wanted Mafokate's head over the allegations, others said he should be left alone.

Others called for Mafokate, who serves on the board of trustees of Brand South Africa, to resign from his position after news broke that he was facing assault charges.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema wondered if the ANC Women's League would speak out.

Mafokate has reportedly laid a countercharge against Cici, who is reportedly recovering in hospital.

South Africa recently took a stand against women abuse following the abuse and subsequent murders of young women across the country.

The outrage was followed by various marches in protest againt the abuse meted out to women.

One of those marches was the #NotInMyName organised by men, who, in response to #MenAreTrash on social media, decided to take a stand and make their voice against abuse heard.