06/06/2017 11:32 SAST | Updated 06/06/2017 11:32 SAST

This Vlogger Created A Database With South African Gifs And It's Made Him Our Latest National Treasure

Oh Bawo, Lelo Macheke! What a guy. 🙏🏿

Twitter / Lelo Macheke

South Africans love gifs. One thing that has always been missing from our lives, though, is a place to get strictly South African gifs - unless of course you were making them yourself.

Lelo Macheke, who is also known by the internet name Suburban Zulu, realised this and decided to create a database of gifs from local content.

"South Africa is a personality. We are lit. Why don't we have our own gifs to express ourselves?" This is what Lelo told HuffPost SA he was thinking to himself when he decided to do this.

After spending three days behind a computer in his Rhodes University residence room, sifting through the most legendary moments, music moments and just fun times in South Africa, the journalism student put the gifs in a dropbox folder and shared the link on Twitter.

The gif he used was perfect. A nostalgia inducing moment for those of us who watched "Ubambo Lwami" and often used the phrase "pha whoo" in reference to Mazwi, the character legendary actor Menzi Ngubane made famous.

People were falling out of their seats to get their gifs.

They went nuts. So nuts in fact, the DropBox link to the gifs was soon out of order.

"Within nine hours the link was disabled," said Macheke.

And so he began talks with technicians who could help him come up with a new platform for the gifs.

Of course Macheke would like for this to be something he can monetise, but he wouldn't tell us how. He's making things happen.

For now, his temporary solution has been to put the gifs on giphy.com with the channel name "gifs for SA". There are currently 204 and it will keep growing.

"Gifs are part of our stories. It's become part of my daily comment," Macheke said.

For now we might have to wait a bit because he needs to study for exams.

Halala man Lelo, halala!