07/06/2017 12:36 SAST | Updated 07/06/2017 12:36 SAST

11 Things You Need To Stop Telling People With Natural Hair

Just stop it, please. It's tired and pretty annoying.

Langa Masina aka Steero's natural hair.
Veli Nhlapo/Gallo Images
Langa Masina aka Steero's natural hair.
  1. Yoh! It must be too much work maintaining an afro, neh?
    It's work I choose, thank you very much.
  2. Can I touch it?
    No! S-T-O-P IT!
  3. Will it naturally dread if you don't comb it?
  4. Natural hair is just not for me. I'd go natural but...
    Do you boo, do you.
  5. Yazi you remind me of... (insert any famous afro'd woman).
    Happy to just be myself thanks.
  6. Is it real? Like, is it all yours? Phela, there are afro extensions these days...
    That's like asking if I'm pregnant just because of my mkhaba (belly fat).
  7. So you just wash it and you're ready to go?
    No. Do you?
  8. Sooooo what are you gonna do with it?
    I was just planning on growing it out, thanks.
  9. Will you leave it like this for your wedding (insert relevant 'big' occasion)?
    Ummm yes and if you must know, in my last will and testament, I've made it explicitly clear that they must leave it like this for my funeral too.
  10. How long is your hair when it's straight?
    How short is yours when it hasn't been straightened?
  11. Are you mixed?
    Why? Because if I wasn't my hair wouldn't be so fly? And so what if I am?

*This list does not represent every woman with natural hair