14/06/2017 14:37 SAST | Updated 14/06/2017 15:03 SAST

Have You Seen Anele Mdoda's Instagram? She's Just A Fleekuation.

Yes, that's right: she looks so good we had to make up a whole new word.

Instagram/ Zintathu

Anele Mdoda's whole look is on fleek and it's a lituation so we just had to coin a new term for it. It's a fleekuation.

On Tuesday, the TV and radio host posted a picture on Instagram and we couldn't help but gush. Her hair, make-up, outfit and her "snatched waist" -- everything was flawless!

Ignore the face she's pulling and just move on, she said in her caption. But no! Her face served all levels of confidence too -- just a small stick out of the tongue for control. And we weren't the only ones fangirling. The almost 6,000 people who liked the picture and commented on it were fawning over her with us.

Mdoda has been serving so much fierce with her outfits, and we love how happy she looks. The glow is undeniable.

She's already had quite the year with a South African Film and Television award for best TV Talk Show Host, snagging the coveted breakfast slot at radio station 947, and just living her best life.

On Wednesday, she posted a funny video after she received boxes full of doughnuts.

"Why would you, why would you do [this]? What!? How am I supposed to keep a snatched waist?" she said.

Krispy Kreme's sent a we don't care about your eating plan letter.

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We're here for all things Anele. Yaaaas girl!