15/06/2017 13:30 SAST | Updated 15/06/2017 13:45 SAST

Travis Scott Headlines At TicketPro Dome In Joburg Tonight

'La Flame' and Byron Tiller will grace SA shores.

Castle Lite Unlocks

Castle Lite Unlocks 2017 has sold out the "TicketPro Dome" on Thursday with Travis Scott and Bryson Tiller with the US artists set to perform in Joburg. After Castle Lite gave us J. Cole in 2016, they managed to pull all the strings to get us Travis Scott, the trailblazer of modern hip hop considered as the leader of the new school.

Bryson Tiller, who focuses more on 'trap soul' '' a genre that incoporates hip hop and soul - with also perform to the excitement of his highly favoured female audience. We take a look at what is in store for the fans making their way to the event.

Travis Scott

Travi$ Scott/ Twitter

Travis "La Flame" Scott is a hip hop trap artist from Houston, Texas. With Houston considered as the birthplace of trap music, a sub genre of hip hop, Travis Scott's rise to fame was aided by his eccentric raw energy. He's a self-produced artist and rapper with misogynistic lyrics and a devil may care atittude.

Travis Scott has released five studio albums since he made his music debut in 2013. He should be acknowledged for the quality and quantity of his music, as he averages an album release every 12 months. His albums include "Owl Pharaoh"(2013), "Days Before Rodeo" (2014), "Days After Rodeo" (2015), "Rodeo" (2015) and "Birds In The Trap Sing Brian McKnight" (2016). He currently has an upcoming album on the way this year and the title is reportedly title "Astroworld".

Bryson Tiller


Bryson Tiller changed the way hip hop and RNB were viewed, with his album "Trap Soul" released early 2016 infused with elements of both gaining a massive following, mostly among females. With only one album to his name and another coming in summer 2017, Bryson Tiller has been in studio ahead of his sophomore album. He has a platinum album and two platinum singles.

Take a peek at his stats of his first album: