17/06/2017 10:31 SAST | Updated 17/06/2017 10:31 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 17 June: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Catch up some of the week's top blogs.


1. Former DA Leader Tony Leon: Zille Was Not Prepared To Walk The Plank
The Democratic Alliance was constrained by the rule book which is the rule of law and the Constitution. I think once Helen Zille was lawyered up the party didn't have a free hand to just act as it wanted to, given the fact that she was suspended and they were trying to close this matter down. Read more.

2. We Need To Dismantle The Language Of Protectionism When We Talk About Violence Towards Women
What do we talk about when we talk about violence towards women? This is a question worth asking at a time when conversation, dialogue, and speech are promoted as our central strategies for changing how women live and die in South African. Read more.

3. How The Knysna Fires Showcased The Power Of Ubuntu
From the very beginning of my life, it became very clear to me, that nothing would mean anything if I did not live a life that is of use to others. I could not understand how some people were being left completely homeless with nothing, and yet I still had a house I could return to, where I could be safe. Read more.

4. Koleka Putuma's Collective Amnesia Insists On Visibility And Healing
Koleka Putuma is doing the damn thing in the poetry circles, when has your fave ever done a poetry book tour? Ever? Exactly. Putuma is hosting book launches all over South Africa, and she will be doing readings and signings at each of these. Read more.

5. Helen Zille's Flawed Logic Makes Colonialism A Requirement For Progress -- Which It Is Not
I think we can all agree that democracy is an idea. I also think we can agree that ideas are best communicated by appealing to people's reason. You don't have to beat an idea into someone. In fact, any amount of violence can only result in resistance. Read more.

6. EXCLUSIVE: 'Rioting And Writing: Diaries Of Wits Fallists'
HuffPost SA publishes an exclusive extract from the Fallists' book on the Fees Must Fall movement. Read more.

7. Events As They Unfolded On June 16 1976 -- An Extract
Sifiso Mxolisi Ndlovu, author of "The Soweto Uprisings: Counter-Memories of June 1976" recounts the exact details of what took place on June 16 1976. Read more.