21/06/2017 11:21 SAST | Updated 21/06/2017 13:04 SAST

Julius Malema: South Africa Being Sold To The Highest Bidder, Blacks Permanently Excluded

Malema says "white capitalists" are monopolising South Africa

Julius Malema

The ethical context of white capitalists' wealth is questionable and our country is being sold to the highest bidder. This is what Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said on Wednesday.

Malema was in Cape Town to address property owners and highlighted key issues about land redistribution in South Africa. The industry in this country remains unequal and he claimed the state and their institution-less policies have let us down.

"The neo-liberal short-sightedness of white monopoly is destroying the country, all they want to do is maximise profits and they do not consider the majority of society, it demonises the freedom charter and our struggle".

Malema indicated that the "criminal syndicate" of land owners was hurting society and put us in recession with no hope for the future, because of how commercial property is influenced by the economy. He also highlighted the plight of homeless students and how property owners should be doing more for them.

"Thousands of students have no place to stay, property owners should be able to offer their services at an affordable price and promote economic change by providing student accommodations."

He claims the very same people who own land fight corruption on Twitter and Facebook while in their air-conditioned rooms.

"We are not a healthy society, we are unstable," he said.

Malema added that we are being led by a directionless government.

"NSFAS should be working with land owners and come to an agreement on an affordable rate. That is a start to contributing to society.

"You have land, but do not use it, the reality is that we want practical change, sustainability and not to depend on our government. The indignity is that we as black people do not know the feeling of owning land. Land belongs to all South Africans".

Malema also spoke about economic change, and how we should avoid a monopoly by giving back to society.

"Malls should have a section for poor people and empower them. "We are known to be gardeners, yet when the people build malls in the township they hire these big companies and we become permanently excluded".

South Africa needs to change from a consuming to a producing society, he said. Property owners must reflect the demographics of South Africa. Black People must be genuine owners of land.

He ended off the conference by saying, "All issues raised on corruption is authentic, we have evidence, not a single of them have taken us to court, because they know we speak the truth. Those who are not on board need to join the EFF, because the EFF is the future of South Africa".