22/06/2017 11:43 SAST | Updated 22/06/2017 11:43 SAST

SABC1 Repeated A Previous Episode Of Uzalo And People Are Not Coping

Viewers were touched that SABC1 offered no apology.


According to soapie teasers, Wednesday was supposed to have been the day Uzalo fans find out how far the beef between Mondli and Qabanga would go.

Thanks to SABC1, viewers now have no idea what happened when Zekhethelo confronted Mxolisi for betraying her father, Nkunzi.

On Wednesday, SABC1 repeated a previous episode of the soapie, produced by AK films, leaving viewers with all sorts of mixed feelings.

Viewers took to Twitter on Wednesday night to express disappointment following the repeat.

We think these tweeters have a point:

1. This woman, who's found a silver lining in the whole thing:

2. Flick was touched that the public broadcaster did not see anything wrong with what happened:

3. Baba just wanted the soccer:

4. This one just doesn't care:

5. No explanation? How?

SABC1 subsequently played the day's correct episode after the repeat, but in case you changed the channel halfway through the repeat episode, here's what followed according to TVSA:

Zekhethelo confronts Mxolisi about betraying her father. Nkunzi shares his plan to get out on bail with MaNgcobo. Thobile is pleasantly surprised when Mastermind fetches her, but not so much when he kisses her. Mondli and Qhabanga's cold war gets worse, especially as far as Mondli is concerned.

You're welcome.