23/06/2017 14:52 SAST | Updated 30/06/2017 10:47 SAST

We are here for Musa Mseleku’s Wife MaCele aka 'Mamkhulu'

She is spicy and feisty and we love it

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Polygamist Musa Mseleku's first wife, MaCele aka mamkhulu is a real queen mother and we love it.

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Here are five things we know about the 40-year-old, who works in the family business:

  1. She is mamkhulu. She is the first wife who came to that position after the family of the now-second wife, MaYeni, initially refused polygamy. MaYeni was the first girlfriend, and safe to say, mamkhulu would've been wife number two had the former's family not given problems.
  2. She's the only wife who drives a Mercedes Benz. We've seen two Mercs on the show so far, and they are meant to be a show of gratitude for her allowing "entry" to the other wives and the polygamous marriage.
  3. She's not here for entitlement. She wants other wives to be more involved in the family business so "they don't reap the rewards of fruit they did not work for" - and she told them as much in a previous episode.
  4. She asserts her authority. Because of this, she is true to her position and is consulted before meetings, major family decisions and trips, after which everyone else can give input.
  5. Talking about trips – it is a known non-negotiable that Mseleku spends the night at her cabin

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Basically, she is boss. And she knows it.

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In a previous episode, because she had flu, MaCele bowed out of a traditional ceremony because impepho was too much for her to handle. And in another, she almost tore at wife number three, MaKhumalo, for expressing an opinion different to hers.

And if last night' episode is anything to go by, we think we can safely add 'human' to the what-we-know-about-MaCele list. At a party thrown to celebrate her, MaCele said: "He can take more wives today because I know he won't treat me any differently."

We are here for Musa Mseleku’s Wife MaCele aka

And while some have called her behaviour princess-like, mean, bullyish even, the tears shed yesterday showed that behind all that is a human being. One who, it seems, has been carrying a lot.

When the show made its debut a few weeks ago, Musa Mseleku told HuffPost SA, "All my wives are human. What you will see will not be staged, just our life."