24/06/2017 10:41 SAST | Updated 02/10/2017 12:41 SAST

Best Of The Blogs 24 June: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

Catch up on some of the week's leading blogs.

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1. Two Distinctive Groups Have Emerged In The Battle For The Soul Of The ANC
The battle for the soul of the ANC is in the open and two distinctive groups have emerged, contradicting each other in public only contributing to uncertainty. Given the obvious divide, at which point can we can we refer to the governing party as the African National Congresses? Read more.

2. Here Are The Most Important Things You Need To Know From The Secret Ballot JudgmentThe ConCourt on Thursday ruled that Baleka Mbete, as the speaker of Parliament, gets to make the final decision on whether there should be a secret ballot or not. Here are some of the most notable points from the judgment but Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. Read more.

3. Why The Reserve Bank Has No Choice But To Challenge The Public Protector

The publication of a report by the Public Protector of South Africa has reopened debates about the independence of the SA Reserve Bank from political interference and its focus on a clear objective, namely an inflation target. Read more.

4. A Sugar Tax May Be Completely The Wrong Way To Tackle SA's Problem With Obesity
Is targeting sugar sweetened beverages with a tax really going to solve the obesity problem? We may be picking nothing but an ineffective scapegoat when it comes to health in SA, says Senior Programme Manager at this Wits Health Consortium, Richard Chawana. Read his blog.

5. Here's How To Get Boys To Read In 5 Easy Steps
Between job requirements, commuting to work and school, extra murals, the latest Minecraft or Spinners, how does one win the battle of raising an all-rounder child? Inevitably, something will fall between the cracks. Here are some tips.

6. The New Charter Hurts The Value Proposition Of Mines At Both The Revenue And The Cost Lines
After two years in the making, the new Mining Charter was unilaterally released by the highly compromised Minister Zwane on Thursday. By the times the markets closed for the long weekend, mining companies associated with SA had lost about R50 billion in market cap. Read more.

7. Diane Abbott And The Tiresome Life Of Women Of Colour In Politics
A career in politics is a difficult one. You're constantly being scrutinised, everything you say and do is watched with particular scepticism and you can rarely make a mistake unnoticed. However, it's still a field in which straight, white men are able to thrive in comfortably, writes Michel'le Donnelly.