30/06/2017 15:32 SAST | Updated 30/06/2017 15:33 SAST

So Nadia Nakai Wants 'The Keys, The Keys, The Keys' In Her Latest Freestyle

Nadia gave one of the funniest freestyles on UK radio.

Nadia Nakai

SA rapper Nadia Nakai was on Factory 78, a UK radio station, as she gave us her Bragga Freestyle. With bars being the essential part of freestyling in hip-hop, Nadia Nakai needed "the keys, the keys, the keys" necessary to unlock possibly one of the most hilariously, awkward and below-par freestyles we've seen.

We know, freestyling is a skill not many rappers can perfect, but after her Bragga Freestyle went online, SA Twitter was not impressed at all.

Maybe next time, Nadia.