06/07/2017 12:54 SAST | Updated 06/07/2017 13:31 SAST

5 Times Our Perfect Wedding's Nomsa Buthelezi Slayed

She is perfectly perfect.

Nomsa Buthelezi / Instagram


Up there with radical economic transformation should be talking about radical acceptance and celebration of body diversity in this country. Because fam, yinde lendlela.

It shouldn't be that even when "Our Perfect Wedding" interim presenter Nomsa Buthelezi is done with her stint on the popular show, there are articles in which she is said to be "reflecting on her OPW journey" that still have "orange face and ill-fitting" in a headline. Like, why? What does that achieve? Never mind that the same piece will regurgitate the same trolling nonsense and call it "some of the funniest". Let's be clear, there is nothing funny about body shaming.

Already, Buthelezi had expressed concern about what viewers would focus on in her debut episode, her talent or the size of her body. And although she admits that her "glam squad" dropped the ball on her a few times on the show, the truth is that some of the trolling was aimed directly at her body size, not her look.

Nomsa, your body is enough. And here are five times, in our eyes, when you absolutely slayed:

1. Her royal highness, MaButhelezi

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2. U.m.u.h.l.e

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3. Yaaas girl, yaaaas!

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4. The polka dot queen

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5. Ninomona mnxmm

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You are, as far as we're concerned, perfectly perfect.

Continue slaying.