07/07/2017 09:20 SAST | Updated 07/07/2017 10:46 SAST

Derek Hanekom Tweets ANC 'Factional Discussion' On White Monopoly Capital Spat

"I could be silent. But the truth of what is going on must be exposed."

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Former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom on Thursday evening released three videos on Twitter purporting to show factional discussions taking place at the ANC's policy conference this week.

Hanekom's tweets, showing meetings taking place outside of main halls at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg, wrote the gathering looks "very much like the meetings of a particular faction".

Hanekom confirmed to HuffPost SA that the tweets feature North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo, KwaZulu-Natal provincial chair Sihle Zikalala and Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina addressing a crowd.

In his most recent post, Hanekom tweeted: "Take a look at this one. I could be silent. But the truth of what is going on must be exposed."

The video attached to this tweet features delegates listening to Mahumapelo berating Joel Netshitenzhe's announcement to media earlier in the week that a majority of commissions at the ANC policy conference said the use of the term "white monopoly capital" is not in line with the ANC's policy perspective.

Supra Mahumapelo, part of the premier league in support of President Jacob Zuma, said: "...that the formulation of the white monopoly capital must come back to the strategy and tactic document... So Comrade Jeff and the DSG mandated them to finalise that particular [coughing] and it will be [incoherent] today in plenary."

"What we say we have agreed is that the conduct of our leader Comrade Joel Netshitenzhe for speaking to the media before even plenary or even conference where we make a decision is wrong," he said.

Netshitenzhe came under fire for saying nine out of 11 commissions at the ANC policy conference agreed the term is not an accurate descriptor, while maintaining this did not mean the ANC denies white dominance and that the party "cannot run from the reality of white dominance in the economy in the context of assets, of income as well as other privileges".

The ANC's relationship with capital is one of "co-operation and contestation", Netshitenzhe told media. He said the "phenomenon of monopoly capital is a global one and it manifests itself differently in various parts of the globe and in that context it would therefore not be correct to characterise ours simply as white monopoly capital".

In Hanekom's first video released, Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina is seen saying, " the effect that comrade DG is going to be replaced by comrade Supra [Mahumapelo], there's nothing like that. It's not going to happen, it will never happen. There's no Supra that's going to feature in the officials of the NEC".

Zikalala, in a subsequent tweet, appears to speak about a need to be more disciplined in branches. He also appears to praise the Ekurhuleni mayor in the video to audience praise.

Hanekom under fire

According to The Sowetan, several ANC sources attending closed commissions at the ANC policy conference said supporters of President Jacob Zuma hurled insults, shouted down and heckled both former finance minister Pravin Gordhan and Hanekom.

Some delegates at the conference were pushing for the Commission on Economic Transformation to recommend that ANC NEC member Derek Hanekom face discipline for allegedly insulting delegates, according to EWN.

The former tourism minister is said to have sharply disagreed with reviewing land policy in a debate on the expropriation of land without compensation. Based on at least two sources, News24 reported Hanekom had slammed the proposals and was berated when he stood up to denounce the "nonsense" of the debate.

News24 reported Hanekom is said to have apologised after Enoch Godongwana -- head of the economic transformation committee -- consulted him, but this did not placate Hanekom's opponents who want him to face a disciplinary committee. According to EWN, it is Sihle Zikalala -- who features in the tweeted videos -- who is leading the call for Hanekom to be disciplined for disrespecting delegates.

Hanekom has taken to Twitter recently to berate developments in the governing party, particularly concerning the alleged role of the Gupta family in extensive allegations of their influence over prominent and senior politicians in the ruling party.