11/07/2017 13:41 SAST | Updated 11/07/2017 14:51 SAST

'This Is Not Africa' -- Amsterdam Man Who Threw Sibahle Nkumbi Down Flight Of Stairs Charged

He has reportedly been charged with attempted manslaughter.

Sibahle Nkumbi/Facebook

The Amsterdam man who pushed South African filmmaker Sibahle Nkumbi down a flight of stairs at his AirBnB is in police custody and faces a charge of attempted manslaughter.

Spokesperson for the Amsterdam public prosecutor, Evert Boerstra, said the suspect had been charged with attempted manslaughter, reported IOL.

Before pushing her down the stairs, the man made derogatory remarks, Nkumbi said.

"I remember asking him repeatedly why he was being emotional. I was like, really, we are on the way out. Why are you still being so emotional?" said Nkumbi in an interview posted on YouTube.

She said the man told her and her group of friends that they were not the great artists or queens they thought they were and that they needed to leave because "this is not Africa".

"Any person of colour who has been a witness of racist attacks will make the connection of the words and will know it when it happens to you," Nkumbi said in the interview.

Nkumbi was pushed down a flight of stairs for being an hour late when checking out of the man's property on Saturday. The property was rented on popular online booking site, AirBnB.

Nkumbi is a friend of world-reknown photographer, Zanele Muholi. Muholi posted a video of the incident on Sunday. She said she could not sleep thinking about the incident.

Meanwhile, the community of black people living in Amsterdam has come out in support of Nkumbi following her experience with an Amsterdam AirBnB host.

Dalea Deekman, her friend on the social media media platform, posted a video "from the black community in Amsterdam" to wish Nkumbi a speedy recovery.

"Get well soon. We wish you good luck, health, and everything you need to pursue your goals," the post read.

Deekman said she was sad to see what happened to Nkumbi.

"You came all the way from the Motherland, South Africa to be treated in a very bad manner... Know that, if you ever come back to Amsterdam, brothers and sisters got you. Next time, we [will] bring you to the Bijlmer," she said.

She assured Nkumbi although she may have only met her and her friend, Ruminaily Winnie Alberto, "but we stood for a lot of people".

Nkumbi said she hoped justice would be served.

She said together with a group of friends, she was in Amsterdam to attend an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum where Muholi's work was being showcased.

MailOnline reported that AirBnB chief executive, Brian Chesky, would be in contact with Nkumbi and her friends as the man's behaviour went against what AirBnB stood for.

In her last Facebook post, Nkumbi thanked people for their support. "Thank you for all the support I received from everyone," her post read.