11/07/2017 11:45 SAST | Updated 11/07/2017 11:45 SAST

Craig Lucas Was So Overwhelmed When He Won The Voice, He Called Out For His Mother

"I immediately called out for my mum as I did not know what to do."

Craig Lucas/Facebook

Although it's been barely three days since he won the second season of The Voice SA, Craig Lucas says the news has not sunk in yet.

Speaking to HuffPost SA, Lucas said he's still not sure if it was all real or if he was living in a dream.
"I have not slept at all since Sunday. I keep thinking I will wake up to another reality. I had no idea I would win.

Lucas said his journey in the competition was life changing.

"It's been incredible. I had not sung at all before The Voice SA because of stage fright and I could never stand in front of people to sing, so for me to come from that to being crowned the winner is just amazing. Working with Kahn Morbee also prepared me for the music industry and made me realise that winning is just the beginning and that there's still a lot more work waiting out there for me," he said.

Lucas was humble about his win, and was so convinced he wouldn't get it that he imagined his top-two contender would get it.

"I was just so honoured to be in the Top two with Josh Ansley, who is a really great singer and I was convinced he would take it. That is why when they called out my name it took a bit longer to register what had just happened and I immediately called out for my mum as I did not know what to do. I thought I was going to collapse," he said.

The 24-year-old, who is also a songwriter, said he is excited to soon record his debut album, which was his ultimate dream. "More than any of the other prizes, that recording contract with Universal Music is the reason I entered the show. I look forward to an upcoming meeting with them [Universal Music] because that's when we will be deciding, the kind of sound I'm going to go for as well as the kind of music I'm going to make," he told HuffPost SA.

Lucas describes himself as a shy person who does not like attention.

"I'm a pretty boring guy, which is awkward a lot of the time because in the industry I will have to be in the spotlight. My plan though is to just let the music speak for itself," he said.

He said although he has a lot of favourite artists, he is currently listening to Lorde and Shekhinah Donnell.