11/07/2017 10:56 SAST | Updated 11/07/2017 10:56 SAST

Four Lions Escaped From The Kruger National Park AGAIN. The Reactions Are Obviously Hilarious.

"Brace yourselves for season 2 of Prison Break, Lions' Edition."

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Remember when five lions escaped from the Kruger National Park in May? Well, here we go again! Just two months later, residents in Mpumalanga need to be on the lookout for four lions that escaped from the park. The cats were last seen on Sunday night and are yet to be found.

The five lions that escaped the last time made their way back, all except for one.

What do you do when there are lions are possibly running around the streets? Make jokes and question why this is happening again so soon after the last incident.

These are some of the funniest tweets.

  • 1. Prison Break season 2?
    More lions escaped from the Kruger national park?! Brace yourselves for season 2 of prison break, lions' edition… https://t.co/ectB0CoQSl
  • 2. Lions basically said Tsek to Park managers.
    Kruger National Park security ppl to the lions: listen guys, we can't afford another embarrassment, don't escape ag… https://t.co/amLUULN4es
  • 3. They just keep leaving? 👀
    This thing of lions always escaping from Kruger National Park is not innocent. We see you maf*ckrs https://t.co/aw9VGh3Gme
  • 4. Drop everything and run!
    When you are in the toilet and you hear your neighbours talking about the lions escaping from Kruger National Park… https://t.co/Cq5OzuWpwC
  • 5. "Lions 1-4 have left the group"
    This guy on the 7h30 news says "They don't know why the Lions Escaped" Like they left a Kruger national park WhatsApp group. #LionsEscape
  • 6. The lions have fomo
    It pretty clear that they wanna live with us...they trying so hard😯😯 #LionsEscape https://t.co/kL5XIwE2BU
  • 7. This is a sign
    I think maybe the Lions are trying to tell us something... 🤔🤔 #LionsEscape Round 2!! https://t.co/Ajzsdi3rH7
  • 8. We can learn escape methods from these cats
    #LionsEscape to think i have been trying to escape SARS for the past 10 years. Dololo luck. https://t.co/VsXGj85voc
  • 9. Where he at dou?
    Was the fifth lion ever recovered from that last #LionsEscape in May? https://t.co/fBqKpxLC5r
  • 10. #NewFriends
    #LionsEscape #Selfie from one of the escaped lions https://t.co/M1rjcfrjDY
  • 11. Help me out bro
    Lion "I know buh Listen, this will be between me & u, I'll ewallat you when we're out, just make sure you don't loc… https://t.co/Nb37kGFuCb
  • 12. Bad boys at it again
    #LionsEscape I think that its the same lions that escaped the first time. They are like those naughty backseat guy… https://t.co/b2GH2gR6Np
  • 13. Let freedom reign
    Lions have escaped the Kruger National Park again. Almost as if they aren't supposed to be in captivity in the 1s… https://t.co/H8GXr0EWiD
  • 14. If y'all say so. Girl bye!
    Kruger "We've tightened security, #LionsEscape won't be repeated". 4 male lions today: https://t.co/rgbr3W68da
  • 15. Probably has a map tattoo under his mane
    #LionsEscape This one must be Michael Scofield of the pack. https://t.co/mycTYTp7t9
  • 16. You dare say anything about seeing me
    When you are told to find the missing lion, but it finds you instead. #LionsEscape https://t.co/MyeN8gJJXY
  • 17. I have an exit plan mate
    When this deal is done bro am outa this life good bro I be lying low in Mocambique for couple days till it all sett… https://t.co/AAwH1XkuHo
  • 18. "Middle fingers up, put them hands high. Tell em boy bye."
    #lionsescape come on not again!!! https://t.co/E6zRz7Vett
  • 19. Let's go get our friend
    #LionsEscape These lions are looking for the other Lion still missing before. https://t.co/U4XqRpQcaD
  • 20. Forget that guy
    - "Look,our priority is to find the 4 #LionsEscape from Kruger National Park" All of us: "How about the one still… https://t.co/1mMmVgxNUJ
  • 21. It all comes back to the land
    What if the lions just want their land back? #LionsEscape https://t.co/tseBLAeeY4
  • 22. Watching too much TV maybe?
    #LionsEscape Someone is letting these lions watch Prison Break. https://t.co/uA4v2DLuw9
  • 23. Oh man, as if we didn't have enough problems
    I'm still getting use to running away from dogs, looks like I should practice for lions...#LionsEscape https://t.co/weY82DUQRp
  • 24. Well duh
    "Officials say it’s not clear at this stage how the big cats managed to escape, given that MOST of the park is fenc… https://t.co/BzXB513eOB
  • 25. Math equations are tricky to solve
    #LionsEscape why this is happening again? https://t.co/iSrWNSoUEv
  • 26. Oh Lawdt
    #LionsEscape https://t.co/ES1AzzP8ka
  • 27. They learned from the best
    These lions taking Madagascar too serious #LionsEscape https://t.co/kT5kFmkKQr