12/07/2017 08:15 SAST | Updated 12/07/2017 09:25 SAST

Makhosi Khoza's Daughter Received Death Threats

The outspoken ANC MP says she has received no protection from the ANC or Parliament.

Lulama Zenzile/Beeld/Gallo Images

Outspoken ANC MP Makhosi Khoza says her daughter received a death threat as recently Tuesday, adding to a number of threats she and her family have received in recent months, TimesLive reported on Wednesday.

Khoza was addressing a debate in Cape Town on Tuesday night. Khoza has been vocal in her criticism of President Jacob Zuma and corruption in general and is in favour of MPs being allowed to vote in a secret ballot during a motion of no confidence in Zuma.

One of the messages received by her daughter reportedly reads:

"Good morning. I'm [name withheld] and I'm from Cape Town. I work hand in hand with the people who wanna kill your mother. Your mother knows me but she doesn't want to hear me out‚ nor want me to assist her‚ in all she doesn't want to trust (sic)."

Khoza reportedly said there was also a message posted on her daughter's Facebook page.

"I am really frightened, I can't lie. I don't mind if I have to face whatever because it's me who is taking the stand... I never thought they would escalate this to my children," she said.

Khoza reportedly said she was " shocked" to hear ANC party chief whip in Parliament Jackson Mthembu call her behaviour "extreme ill-discipline".

According to News24, Khoza said she had received no protection from the ANC or Parliament. She said she had written to Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete asking for a secret ballot for safety reasons.

"It is extremely important that we understand the exceptional circumstances. A lot of people are being intimidated, and it's coming from all angles...

"Even today, they didn't send it to me, they have sent it to my daughter. Why should I die in silence?"