12/07/2017 11:42 SAST | Updated 12/07/2017 11:42 SAST

People Are In Awe Of Letshego Zulu For Going Back To Kilimanjaro To Trek4Mandela

She's finishing what she and her late husband Gugu Zulu started last year.

Instagram/ Gugu Zulu

Letshego Zulu is going back to Kilimanjaro a year after her husband didn't make it to the top last year.

Gugu and Letshego Zulu were known as "The Adventure Couple" and took up the challenge to Trek4Mandela last year. Unfortunately, Gugu, who was a race car driver, was ill and died before reaching the top in 2016.

At the Trek 4 Mandela send-off held at OR Tambo International Airport on Wednesday morning, Zulu said she was returning to Kilimanjaro to honour her husband.

"I'm excited to be going on this trek with an amazing group of individuals this year to honour the life of my late husband," she said.

Zulu will be leaving her and Gugu's daughter behind and said on Twitter that she would miss her. Their daughter was there to see her mum off.

Zulu's hiking boots are the cutest thing ever. Her friend gave them a makeover and they are now Gugu's favourite colour, blue, with a smiley face and gold for Zulu.

While it may appear that this decision has been easy for Zulu, she tweeted that she did not sleep much on Tuesday.

People have been sending Zulu messages of support and also been tweeting just how amazed they are by her strength.

We wish Zulu and all the other trekkers all the best.