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Best Of The Blogs 15 July: The Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

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1. The Tragedy Of Ghana's Blood Minerals And The Chinese Connection
The hashtag #StopGalamseyNow is already beginning to fade just a few weeks after it seemed to have gained critical mass. We have acted as though we have never known or seen the effects of illegal mining and the involvement of foreign actors in this heinous activity everybody is suddenly hysteric about. Read more.

2. Those Who Intimidate Journalists Have Forgotten What Others Endured To Win Freedom Of Speech

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It is with great concern that I have observed the upsurge of intimidation and harassment of journalists and those who wish for freedom of expression in our country. I would like to add my voice to the many others who have spoken out against this injustice, writes film producer, Anant Singh.

3. There's No Reason Why The Menopause Should Stop You From Enjoying Sex
One in ten women describes the common physical, psychosocial, sexual symptoms as "intolerable", negatively affecting their quality of life. Suddenly you are sweating, peeing when you run, jump or want to pee all the time, you feel anxious, depressed, have achy joints, insomnia. Read more.

4. What's Wrong With Planned Single Parenthood For The Modern Woman?

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Brenda is a 27-year-old lady who lives in Durban and although she has a loving family and a respectable job, Brenda is single and lonely. That excruciating lonesomeness is beginning to cause her sleepless nights and endless anxiety. Read more.

5. When Our Lives As Black Women Were Valued By Society

Now, we mine for black women in a boyfriend's backyard. Read more.

6. Perfect Your Performance With The Top 20 Apps For Business

Although games such as Pokemon GO, Minecraft and Power Rangers monopolise the top of the most-downloaded app lists, look hard enough and you'll find a growing number of apps for business that can benefit the output of your 9 to 5. Check out this pick of the top 20 apps for business.

7. Financial Literacy Month Should Matter To The Youth, But It Doesn't
We need real campaigns, real products and information to change the way young people handle their finances. Fewer people will be blacklisted, fewer people will become slaves to debt and fewer people will live beyond their means, writes Tshepo Kgapane.