18/07/2017 12:56 SAST | Updated 18/07/2017 12:56 SAST

67 Hectares Of Land, 67 Political Arrests And Maybe 67 GB Of Data Are All Some Tweeps Want This Mandela Day

"Don't bring us 12,5kg of mielie meal today, just give us land and we will plant our own corn."

Nardus Engelbrecht/Gallo Images

Because while South Africans are giving their 67 minutes this Mandela Day, they also want to be given some things back.

67 -- or at least 6,7 -- hectares of land

67 minutes spent on their partners' phones

While others are pleading to be unblocked from their crushes on social media, at least for 67 minutes today.

Some are hoping for 67 political arrests...

Tweeps are asking government officials to communicate efficiently:

While others are asking them to stick to the truth, even if it's only for 67 minutes.

The Guptas also received a Mandela Day request.

As well as companies 67 GB or at least MB worth of data.

While we dream of 67 minutes of exercise...

There are people who just want 67 seconds or minutes of some loving for this man:

And then those are purely irritated by the mere mention of Mandela Day: