19/07/2017 13:21 SAST | Updated 19/07/2017 18:17 SAST

Here's 6 Things Chester Missing Said About SA Politics That Made Us LOL

Helen Zille, Jacob Zuma, Bantu Holomisa and even Conrad Koch himself were casualties of Chester's cutting satire at the Future of SA conference.

Political analyst and controversial puppet of "Late Night News" and "ZANews" fame, Chester Missing, left no major South African political leader unscathed in his sassy stand-up for delegates at the conference for the future of South Africa on Tuesday.

During a brief intermission, Missing, and his side-kick puppetmaster Conrad Koch, amused delegates otherwise captured by heavy debates on the way forward for the country.

Organisers said Koch and Missing had come on their own budget on Mandela Day to entertain delegates and, as usual, provoke the powerful with edgy political satire.

These are six of Chester's sassiest remarks that left attendees in stitches:

1. 'More people here than in the UDM, General!'

2. [NSFW] One puppet calling out another: "It's like I'm Jacob Zuma and you're a Gupta"

3. Cheers for Juju's "revolutionary diet"

4. White people and reparations: "Even OutSurance gave something back!"

5. On Helen Zille: "I smoke weed then I tweet!"

6. [NSFW] Why Chester thinks Conrad should regret his surname: