20/07/2017 09:56 SAST | Updated 20/07/2017 09:56 SAST

You Better Believe That Ray Phiri's Memorial Will Be All That And More

"One thing we are sure about is that his send-off will be a befitting one."

Masi Losi/Getty Images

The city of Mbombela is in a sombre but celebratory mood as friends, family and members of the public gear up for the memorial service of jazz musician Ray Phiri.

The world-renowned artist died last week following a battle with lung cancer.

Family spokesperson Paunk Nkanyane told HuffPost SA the memorial, which will take place at the Mbombela Stadium, will have musical elements, but will not be a musical send-off.

"Ray may have been a musician, but he was also an activist in his own right. He was also politically involved somehow during the dark days of apartheid. So today we will give an opportunity to people from all walks of his life to pay tribute to him. The musical aspect will be there because that was a great part of life, but this will not be a concert," Nkanyane told HuffPost SA.

The service is scheduled to get underway at 10am, while his funeral service will take place on Saturday from 8am.

The Mpumalanga provincial government will carry the cost of both services.