01/08/2017 14:44 SAST | Updated 01/08/2017 14:44 SAST

Why Bother With Tinder When You Can Just Find Love With Kholi on Twitter?

Here's our fave matters of the heart on the trending hashtag.

Fans kissing during a soccer match at Soccer City.
Duif du Tooit/Gallo Images
Fans kissing during a soccer match at Soccer City.

We thought it would have faded by now, but nope, #FindLovewithKholi on Twitter seems to be gaining momentum.

How it works is you post a selfie with a brief description of who you are, the type of partner you're looking for and then use the hashtag. Then, hopefully, it gets sorted in the DMs.

It's not surprising that something like this would hit it off with tweeps -- because, honestly, who doesn't want some loving? And if people can successfully use Tinder and OkCupid, or go to Date My Family, then surely there's hope with this hashtag.

But with matters of the heart, Twitter remains truly ungovernable. Here are our absolute faves from the trending hashtag:

Who can forget this gentle brother who was caught out by his lady?

He he he, the persistent issue of land.

We want what we want and we're clear on it.

Ho thata.

Hello holy ladies.

Rural-minded ladies?

Hhayi guys stop it.



A brownish guy and a navy black lady?

Don't underestimate Twitter FBI.

And those who forever thirst.

Can we please be updated if and or when it works out bakithi? Perhaps sho't left to Our Perfect Wedding? No Utatakho please.

Phambili nge-online dating, phambili!