07/08/2017 15:40 SAST | Updated 07/08/2017 15:40 SAST

President Jacob Zuma Says He Is Disturbed By Mduduzi Manana's Alleged Assault Of Mandisa Duma

Zuma said he learnt the news with deep concern.

President Jacob Zuma.
Rogan Ward / Reuters
President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma has condemned the alleged assault of a woman by deputy minister of higher education and training, Mduduzi Manana.

"President Jacob Zuma has learned with great concern and is disturbed by the allegations of assault on a woman patron at a nightclub in Johannesburg reportedly by the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr Mduduzi Manana" said a statement from the Presidency.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula has indicated that a case has been opened with by the police and Zuma called on everyone involved to co-operate with the authorities.

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"The South African Government has made violence against women a priority crime. Women have a right to safety and security and must not be attacked or abused by anyone, anywhere in the country, regardless of the position of the either the perpetrator or victim. South Africa must be safe for all women," the statement read.

Manana has since apologised for his part in the incident.

In a statement issued on Monday afternoon, Manana said he unreservedly apologises to Duma her family, the government of South Africa, and all South Africans, and women in particular for the incident which happened in Cubana over the weekend.

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His full apology replaces an earlier tweet which has since been deleted, in which Manana said: "Allow me to extend my apologies to the nation at large and the victims of assault, an apology is enough to fix the damages. Let's allow the law."

Manana's statement, which was issued to the media, says he should have known better. "Regardless of the extreme provocation, I should have exercised restraint. That shameful incident should not have happened. I know that my actions and those of the people in my company have disappointed and hurt many people in the country. As a leader, I should have known better and acted better," he said.

Manana said he will subject himself to the process of the law and give it his full cooperation. He also said he would engage with Duma and her family to apologise, take responsibility and address the harm caused.

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"I will also meet with my organization, the ANC, and President [Jacob] Zuma to give a full account of the incident," his apology said.

Manana is facing charges assault following his alleged attack of Duma on Sunday night.

Duma broke a rib, sustained a busted knee and according to her brother, Phesheya Duma, she is struggling to walk.