07/08/2017 17:12 SAST | Updated 07/08/2017 17:15 SAST

Secret Ballot: The Motion Against Zuma Will Still Be Defeated -- ANC Caucus

Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete's announcement of a secret ballot will not change how MPs vote, the ANC says.

Mike Hutchings / Reuters

The ANC caucus on Monday reiterated the party's opposition to the motion of no confidence, saying it "will not vote with the opposition to collapse our democratically elected government".

This follows an announcement by Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete that the vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma would be determined by a secret ballot.

In a statement released by the Office of the Chief Whip, the ANC caucus said it supported Mbete's decision and has "long stated that we are not adverse to a secret or open ballot".

However, it said the ANC would not support the motion led by the party's "political nemesis" whose aim is to "undermine our popularly elected government, fracture and weaken the ANC with the aim of removing it from government by any means outside of general elections".

'This motion - like those before it - will be defeated'

While the party said it acknowledges "genuine grievances by our people and various organisations around state capture", it would not pander to the opposition's "political ploy".

It also rejected as "fake news" a list circulated online of 95 ANC members expected to vote in favour of the motion.

"This list is nothing but fake news to the extent that some of the people on the list have long left Parliament including comrade Joyce Moloi-Moropa. The other member included on the list is a member whom we buried this past week, comrade Trevor Bonhomme. This shows the utter desperation of our detractors," it said.

"We have full confidence in our ANC members of Parliament. This motion, just like others before it, will be defeated," it said.