08/08/2017 11:49 SAST | Updated 08/08/2017 13:42 SAST

Euphonik Opens Up The Industry And Tholukuthi We Are Here For It

"I'm doing all this for them. It's about them, not me".


Renowned house DJ Themba Nkosi, otherwise known as Euphonik, is opening up the industry one youngster at a time and he is going all the way.

Over the weekend, the 33-year-old came across a video of young Killer Kau singing over and dancing to the instrumentals of Destruction Boyz "Shut up and Groove".

He took to Twitter to reach out to Kau, whose song, "Thulukuthi Heyi" has taken over the charts since its release over the weekend.

Euphonik told HuffPost SA he got in touch with the Grade 11 pupil because of his talent.

"The guy has raw talent and because I was not doing anything that weekend I decided to get in touch and make a song with him."

But it was not only Kau who got a big break -- Euphonik also brought in Mbali Sikwane, who covered the song and shared the video on Facebook.

"I think I could say it was a lucky day for them and the timing was on their side as well," said Euphonik.

He believed fellow artists should adopt the culture of embracing young and upcoming artists who want to make their mark in showbiz.
"We all should get involved in developing young artists. I should be doing more of this sort of thing. We always talk about the #OpenUpTheIndustry, but we are not doing much," he said.

"I have not yet reached the pinnacle of my career as far as my music is concerned and so I constantly find myself working on my own sound and ensuring my career is going where I want it. It can be difficult to balance between one's work and developing others."

Come August 12, Euphonik will stage a concert in celebration of the new talent at the Icon Soweto venue.

The pair will also perform live on SABC1's LiveAmp which airs from 7pm.

If you have not heard the song, we've got you: