08/08/2017 06:27 SAST | Updated 08/08/2017 06:27 SAST

Second Woman Claims Deputy Minister Manana Assaulted Her

"He beat me up until outsiders came [and intervened]" -- said the victim.


A second woman has accused deputy minister of higher education Mduduzi Manana of beating her, The Times reported on Tuesday.

Zinhle Mokhohlane (22) reportedly said that Manana had attacked her at a club in Ermelo last month, and that she was still waiting for the police to follow up after she had laid charges.

Manana confessed to hitting a woman at a restaurant in Johannesburg at the weekend, prompting calls for his arrest and resignation.

"When [one of Manana's friends called me over] I went over to find out what he wanted. All of a sudden‚ one of Mdu's friends spilt beer on me‚" Mokhohlane told publication. She said a confrontation then followed and her sister pulled her out of the club.

Manana allegedly followed them out of the club, threw her on the bonnet of the car and hit her in the face.

"He beat me up until outsiders came [and intervened]" she said. Her sister called her aunt and uncle who rushed to the scene.

"My aunt hit Mdu and he attacked her. She went into the car and he then threw bricks at the car. He was also bashing it with his hands. One of his bodyguards then took out a gun and fired two shots in the air. He didn't point the gun at anyone. We were all shaken up and that is when the fight ended‚" she reportedly said.

She said that Manana's bodyguard took her aunt's car keys.

Mokhohlane reported the incident to the police and Manana reportedly laid charges against her in return. Manana later dropped the case, and said he would consider fixing the damage to their vehicle if Mokhohlane dropped the charges against him. She did not.

A police spokesperson told The Times that both parties dropped the charges against each other so there was no case. Mokhohlane denies this. Manana did not respond to questions by The Times.