09/08/2017 10:39 SAST | Updated 09/08/2017 10:39 SAST

Male Celebrities Are Getting Away With Too Much When It Comes To Abuse Against Women -- Andile KaMajola

"Women do not exist for your pleasure".


Award-winning gospel artist Andile KaMajola has called on men to stop treating women like objects.

Majola was speaking to HuffPost SA on the backdrop of the launch of his campaign, Sekwanele (It's enough). He said the campaign forms part of a song in his latest album, "Andile KaMajola Chapter 8" and speaks of social ills affecting women and children.

"We launched this campaign on July 31, the eve of Women's Month and we released a music video to the song Sekwanele on August 1. The aim is to let men know that they are the ones who can stop abuse against women and children," KaMajola explained.

He expressed concern in the number of men in the public eye who perpetrate abuse.
"Male celebrities are getting away with murder and it's time they also clean up their act. Many feel that their celebrity status will exempt them from the punishment which sometimes happens, but it's not good enough. Women do not exist for men's pleasure. If you're an abuser then you need to be locked up, it's that simple," he said.

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"My heart goes out to women in the country for their bravery. There has never been a more difficult time for women in this country like this time. To victims of abuse who have come out and reported the crime. I wish you strength and this Women's Day I celebrate all of you as we all should be," KaMajola said.

He said women don't owe their existence to men.

"You are equal to men and you can compete with any man on any level. You don't owe anyone submission. Go out there and be about you. Live your dreams because you don't need anyone's permission," he said.

"And to all good men out there, let's celebrate and respect women. It's up to us to stop our fellow brothers from being trash. If we don't do anything about it then we may as well be all trash," KaMajola pleaded.

You can hear KaMajola's song, Sekwanele here: