10/08/2017 18:42 SAST | Updated 11/08/2017 09:14 SAST

HuffPost Weekly Review: The Indestructible President, Fall Of Mduduzi Manana And Rise Of Wayde Van Niekerk

These are the top 3 stories in South Africa from this second week of August that you need to know.

1. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE PRESIDENT: The opposition managed to convince a substantial number of ANC MPs to vote against the president of the country, but not enough to remove him from office. The Democratic Alliance reacted on Wednesday, announcing that it would table a motion for Parliament to be dissolved to allow for early elections. Other opposition parties didn't necessarily agree. Read here.

2. THE FALL OF MDUDUZI MANANA: The Ministry of Police said there were valid reasons why it did not arrest Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana after charges of assault were laid against him, and that he was not being given special treatment. His court appearance on Thursday seemed to indicate otherwise.

3. THE RISE AND RISE OF SA'S ATHLETIC CHAMPION: Wayde van Niekerk is swiftly becoming somewhat of a national treasure. The rising athlete grabbed the gold in London this week, but he remains humble. These are some of the reasons why South Africans are beaming when it comes to their sporting pride and joy (despite the BBC downplaying his achievements, prompting a backlash on Twitter).

These are more stories you shouldn't miss from the week that was:

1. Despite all the revelations of state capture spearheaded by the president's patrons, the Gupta family has prevailed. The message to South Africans is that there is no accountability to the people and that we are in the vortex of corruption, writes Ferial Haffajee. Read here.

2. Mental health problems in men resulting in underperformance in the bedroom are on the rise in South Africa and healthcare professionals are concerned. Read here.

3. Stephen McGowan was released last week after being held hostage in Mali for almost six years. He spoke to the press on Thursday, appearing gracious and with his sense of humour intact amid some heart-wrenching moments.

4. For all its hubris and bravado, the ANC is likely to look back and rue the day it failed to get rid of President Jacob Zuma, writes Roger Southall. Read why here.

5. Andile KaMajola says many male celebrities feel their celebrity status will exempt them from punishment. Abusers, he says, need to be locked up. "It's that simple." Read here.

6.The five-year anniversary of the Marikana massacre is coming up on August 16. Living conditions for mineworkers are still dire and Marikana housing activist Napolean Webster is asking why nothing is happening to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, Lonmin and the police while 17 miners are on trial.

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