11/08/2017 13:44 SAST | Updated 11/08/2017 13:51 SAST

Kenya’s Ornately Carved Presidential Throne Is Delivered To The IEBC

Now who will get to sit in it?

Radu Sigheti / Reuters
Former president Mwai Kibaki sits on the presidential chair during a Cabinet swearing-in ceremony in Nairobi in April 2008.

Kenya's infamous presidential throne has officially arrived at the IEBC, where the highly anticipated presidential election results will be announced later today. The ornately carved chair was delivered in a velvet blanket, after being transported in its own vehicle, the Kenya-based Star reports.

Late last year, the Kenyan throne was at the centre of a major national scandal when gospel singer Bahati pulled President Uhuru Kenyatta out of his chair at a state performance. Bahati proceeded to sit on the presidential chair mid-song, breaking state protocol and enraging both the presidency and his audience, who called it a presidential coup.

The question of who will get to sit on the presidential throne is rumoured to be announced later this afternoon, but officially authorities have until August 15 to make the announcement.

Kenyatta is, at this stage, the clear front runner. But his claim to the presidency has been refuted by presidential challenger Raila Odinga, who says the results are rigged.