11/08/2017 13:43 SAST | Updated 14/08/2017 09:17 SAST

Meet Keratile Mashike, The Woman Who Turns Old Tyres Into Amazing Furniture

The brainwave came to her when she was unemployed.

Keratile Mashike (26) is becoming a master at repurposing old tyres and turning them into stylish furniture. The entrepreneur makes tables and chairs which can be used for both the indoors and outdoors.


Mashike told HuffPost SA that she was unemployed last year when she started thinking about what she could do to generate an income. "After scrolling through the internet, the tyre idea came along and I thought it could be a good idea," she said.

A few months later, Mashike's Craft was born.



The self-taught entrepreneur says although getting the business off the ground was tough at first, it's becoming easier. One of her biggest lessons has been patience when interacting with her customers. "I've learnt to be patient with people because I am not a patient person," she explained.

Mashike told HuffPost SA that depending on what the client wants, it can take her three to four working days to complete an order.

Her short-term goal is to have a factory where she can make the products and use the premises as a viewing space for her customers.

Mashike appreciates the support she has received for her small business. "I've learnt that people love crafted work and do support crafted work," she said.

And her message this women's month: "Nothing is made for men only. Women can do what men can do."