14/08/2017 09:35 SAST | Updated 14/08/2017 09:35 SAST

Major Music Mag Confuses Justin Bieber With Harry Styles (Really!)

One is Styles, the other is Bieber😆

You'd have to be really out of touch with the music scene to confuse British singer-actor-heartthrob Harry Styles with Canadian singer-heartthrob Justin Bieber, right?

Apparently not, since Billboard, a major music industry publication, managed to mix up the two stars on its Twitter page Friday afternoon.

A quick-thinking viewer saved the mistake for posterity.

Just to be clear: That's not Bieber; that's Styles.

Billboard.com quickly corrected its mistake ...

... but it was too late for eagle-eyed viewers.

HuffPost reached out to the social media people in charge of Billboard.com's Twitter page, who did not immediately respond.