15/08/2017 18:30 SAST | Updated 15/08/2017 18:37 SAST

Best Of HuffPost SA On 15 August: 9 Stories You Shouldn't Miss

The backlash against ANC MPs who voted against Zuma has started. Grace Mugabe is facing a charge of asssaulting a model in Sandton, plus electronic music in Khayelitsha is making waves.

1. Presidential hopefuls Nkosozana Dlamini-Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa present a catch-22 choice for the party and in particular President Jacob Zuma. Here's an in-depth analysis of all the permutations and implications of either of the two front-runners winning. Read here.

2. Only one other ANC MP turned up to a parliamentary meeting chaired by Makhosi Khoza, with the rest snubbing it as punishment for her "unbecoming" criticism against the president. What was the meeting for? To discuss the very unbecoming conduct of minister Faith Muthambi, accused of spending public cash flying her mates to Cape Town. She didn't turn up either. Read here.

3. Rumours flew around Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe after a charge of assault was laid against her for allegedly attacking a model in her son's hotel bedroom in Sandton with an extension cord. Had she handed herself in? Was she going to appear in court? Would diplomatic immunity protect her? Read here.

4. Harrowing Facebook posts reveal some of the background behind the murder of Mpumalanga teacher Kate Chiloane, who was gunned down by her partner Vusi Mdluli in front of learners. He later committed suicide at home. Read here.

5. Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane's rep has taken a serious hammering after a court set aside her recommendation that the Constitution be changed to alter the SA Reserve Bank's mandate. People are wondering how she ever thought she had that power. Read here.

6. What exactly do we mean when we talk about the rise of Africa's middle class? There are lots of problems with the definition, says Henning Melber, editor of "The Rise Of Africa's Middle Class: Myths, Realities And Critical Engagements". Here's a fascinating excerpt. Read here.

7. Some of our best female artists are doing it for themselves at solo shows in this year's FNB Joburg Art Fair. It's the biggest local art event, with the spotlight on eight artists. Read here.

8. Gauteng social development department has confirmed it's funding anti-cannabis protests outside the Pretoria High court where the "dagga trial" is being heard. They are paying for the demonstrations and defended the use of public money as completely justifiable. Read here.

9. Khayelitsha's "township techno" will be getting an international hearing in a joint venture between VICE magazine and Airbnb to showcase culture in four cities of the world. "The biggest struggle for artists is feeling that there is no way out," said local artist Spoek Mathambo. "I mean people from Nyanga can't even perform in the city. Why is that?" Read here.