15/08/2017 11:17 SAST | Updated 15/08/2017 11:17 SAST

Victims' Facebook Posts Reveal Harrowing Backstory To Murder-Suicide

"Heaven is calling me now" -- husband says on Facebook before killing wife.

Kate Chiloane/Facebook

Facebook accounts appearing to belong to murdered Mpumalanga teacher Kate Chiloane and her partner Vusi Mdluli reveal how the couple may have been at loggerheads for an extended period.

Chiloane, a school teacher at the Sediba-Sa-Thuto primary school, was gunned down on Monday morning in full view of her Grade 2 learners by Mdluli, who is reportedly her husband.

He later committed suicide at home.

In weeks leading up to the murder-suicide, the couple took to Facebook to share messages that appeared to worry their friends and families.

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In a post on July 13, Chiloane had posted: "Don't find love, Let love find u. That's why it's called falling in love bcuz u don't force urself 2 fall, u just fall [sic]."

Her post on August 7 read: Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes u happy, n be with whoever makes u smile [sic]."

Her last post spoke about positivity on 13 August.

On Sunday, the day before the incident, Mduli wrote a series of status updates on the social media platform. The last post detailed his financial difficulties and how he was contemplating borrowing money from his family to pay for his own burial.

His other posts also spoke about death.


In the preceding weeks, Mdluli posted about how heaven was calling him.

On July 26, he posted:

"Bofebe le bo clever ba hao botlo fella moo," which loosely translated means, "Your promiscuity and cleverness will end here", following which his friends asked why he was scaring them.

Mdluli thereafter claims this was a joke.

He also spoke about how people could push someone to a breaking point without them realising it.

In another post, Mdluli asks his deceased father to open up the heavenly gates for him as he was coming.

The profile indicates that Mduli worked at the Kusile Power Station.

In seemingly happier times in the relationship, Mdluli posted:

His friends have since questioned whether the posts were a cry for help.

His friend, Brian Teboho Chere, on Tuesday asked: "Was Vusi really serious all this time? Wow, we're shocked."

Another person Puseletso Chilwane said: "Clearly there was a problem but no one saw it".

"Mara Vusi xem, nna I thought u are joking mus (sic)," Nthati Mrele Mokena said. Loosely translated, this means: "But Vusi shame, me I thought you were joking moes."

The Mpumalanga department of education will be giving trauma counselling to learners and teachers at the school.