17/08/2017 06:03 SAST | Updated 17/08/2017 07:06 SAST

The High Flying Lifestyle Of The Mugabe Sons

Reports say the sons are famous for their expensive hotel suites and champagne-fueled parties.

Photo: Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters
Philimon Bulawayo / Reuters
Photo: Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

As news broke on Wednesday that Grace Mugabe is still in the country and has applied for diplomatic immunity, reports have emerged of the high-flying lifestyle of her two sons. The Times reported on Thursday.

Russell Gorereza, 33, Grace's son from a previous marriage, Robert Mugabe junior, 24, and Chatunga Maguba, 20, are no strangers to controversy.

The Mugabe sons are reportedly famed in Harare for frequenting top nightclubs in the capital, Harare, flanked by an enourage of women, children of diplomats and politicians and relatives.

Recently, the men rand up a bill of US $3000 at a club in Harare – an amount three times the annual income per capita in Zimbabwe.

The Mugabe sons were reportedly in the company of 20-year-old model when their mother, Grace, assaulted the woman with an extension cord. The woman laid charges, and on Wednesday Grace requested diplomatic immunity to avoid arrest.

According to The Times, Chatunga recently posted a video on Facebook showing off a bottle of expensive champagne which sells for up to R10 000.

The sons are also used to staying at upmarket residences in South Africa. According to The Times, Robert Junior and Chatunga recently stayed at the Capital 20 West Hotel in Sandton where rooms begin at R1410 a day. They were reportedly evicted from The Regent Apartment Hotel last month for bad behaviour.

Robert Junior reportedly dropped out of the American University in Dubai, and from a military academy in China. Chatunga was reportedly expelled from school in Harare for bad behaviour.

Acting police commissioner Lieutenant-General Lesetja Mothiba told Parliament on Wednesday that police had waited all day for Grace Mugabe to hand herself over on Tuesday. They later learned she had booked out of the Sandton hotel she was staying at with her sons.

"Sunday evening we got a call that she would please she has diplomatic immunity, but we were supported by the national director of public prosecutions, Shaun Abrahams and his provincial head. She must go to court," Mothiba reportedly said.