23/08/2017 15:01 SAST | Updated 23/08/2017 15:12 SAST

Fancy A Vayjayjay Cookie From SA's New Erotic Bakery?

Naughty but nice!


Vagina cookies? Penis-shaped cupcakes? What about iced thongs, or shortcake hand-piped with 'hoe' icing? If naughty treats are what you're looking for, then Kinky Cakes, a new Pretoria-based 'erotic bakery' specialising in kinky confectionaries and baked goods, is about to become your favourite sweet spot in South Africa.

The bakery, which it says is 100 percent all black female owned, took to Twitter today to invite orders from the public. Their post, which went viral, featured images from their provocative line of goods, that feature an array of explicit vagina-shaped decoration, complete with richly-glazed marzipan labias (in all skin tones), and vermicelli pubic hair.

Captions attached to the images of the cookies state they're 'dripping like water' and, alongside a pink version of a cookie it reads, 'one in the pink...'


The majority of those interested in the Tweet seemed excited for the arrival of the sexual sweets, with one Twitter user saying she 'added dick doughnuts to my birthday moodboard.

Another said, 'I absolutely love the Hoe ones !! I'd have them for my birthday'.

But there were those who were unsure about Kinky Cake's new approach to baked goods. "Everyday we stray further and further from Gods light" said one user, another added that "This is totally gross".

The pair have featured at local neighbourhood markets, but for now all orders can be placed on their social media channels.