23/08/2017 06:18 SAST | Updated 23/08/2017 15:55 SAST

Grace Mugabe's Rampage: US Embassy 'Was Called For Help'

A report suggests there were more victims of Grace Mugabe's attack.

Siphiwe Sibeko / Reuters
Gabriella Engels, who claims to have been assaulted by Grace Mugabe, arrives for a news conference in Pretoria, South Africa, August 17, 2017. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Police who were called to the scene of Grace Mugabe's alleged attack on 20-year-old model Gabriella Engels last weekend did nothing to assist security guards at the hotel, and instead instructed the guards not to touch Mugabe or her bodyguards.

The Times reported on Wednesday that this and other shocking details of the assault are contained in an official report of the incident compiled by security company Aragon Security, who responded to the incident.

Mugabe was granted diplomatic immunity and left the country on Sunday.

According to the report, Mugabe went to the hotel after her sons' bodyguards contacted her regarding their "disruptive" behaviour.

There, she allegedly attacked Engels with an extension cord and left a trail of devastation in her wake, during what appears to have been a lengthy incident.

"The police officers provided no assistance whatsoever and failed to take the necessary statements at the time of the incident," the Aragon report says, according to The Times.

It also reveals that Engels, who laid charges against Mugabe for assault, was not her only victim: Mugabe allegedly went on the rampage, resulting in injured hotel staff and damaged hotel furniture.

Photographs of the hotel suite where the incident took place reportedly show blood stains on the beds, floors, as well as a broken chair and a cupboard door torn off of its hinges.

The US embassy was reportedly called for help by a woman who was caught up in the incident. She needed medical attention due to a cut chin. It was arranged for her to leave the hotel via the fire escape and she was taken to hospital, the report says.

A pregnant hotel staff member reportedly miscarried after being shoved by one of Mugabe's sons.

The police did not respond to The Times' questions.