24/08/2017 12:34 SAST | Updated 24/08/2017 12:34 SAST

Is Bearing Your Bod A Bad Representation Of Islam?

This television presenter does not think so.


While one Muslim beauty queen was recently praised for refusing to wear a bikini on stage, one Muslim television presenter does not see any problem with being Muslim and bearing one's body in a bikini.

Saira Khan, a panelist on a UK television show called "Loose Women", posted bikini-clad snaps on her social media -- in defiance to a Muslim preacher who said it was sinful for women within the faith of Islam to pluck their eyebrows.

Responding in an Instagram post, Saira Khan told Australian Muslim preacher, Umm Jamaal ud-Din, to kiss her behind.

The 47-year-old's post resulted in a number of angry reactions from some social media users, saying she was giving a bad representation of Islam. "Your (sic) not a Muslim nor do you represent anything to do with Islam. Your white masters have given you what you desire as a sell out reporter. If you value your life, keep the f*** out of Islam."

Khan alerted the police of one particular message, that she perceived as a death threat.

Addressing the issue on her show on Wednesday the mother-of-two, via text, told her colleagues: "I have to speak out for our daughters and women who are just too scared to live as they want to."

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This was not the first time Khan has hit back at online users.

Earlier this year, she publicly called out a Muslim man who criticised her for baring her body in a body confidence shoot alongside her colleagues.

She dubbed him a "narrow-minded, misogynistic, brainwashed, backward idiot."

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While messages condemning her stance keep coming in,Khan, who remains defiant, said she feels a responsibility to speak out for women. "These idiots make women feel so shameful and guilty about our bodies and our desires and dreams."

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