24/08/2017 13:16 SAST | Updated 24/08/2017 13:16 SAST

To Da Left To Da Left -- Cape Flats 'Irreplaceable' Singers Have Signed An International Distribution Deal


Felicity Kiran, Anray Amasure and Lauren-Lee Bock of Woman2Woman.
Felicity Kiran, Anray Amasure and Lauren-Lee Bock of Woman2Woman.

When the Cape Town trio of Felicity Kiran, Anray Amasure and Lauren-Lee Bock, performed a parody version for Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable" for the Woman2Woman concert in 2016, they had no idea they were on the verge of the big time.

Solo artists in their own right, Kiran and Bock have since been offered an international distribution and marketing deal by Next Music, a subsidiary of the Orchard Group (which is owned by Sony Entertainment).

The duo's UK-based manager, David Gummers said the company took notice of their work following an article published by HuffPost SA in January.

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"It was after your article that Next Music decided to get in contact with both Felicity and Lauren and offered them the deal which entails all the marketing and distribution of their music as solo artists and as cast members of the group Woma2Woman," Gummers said.

He said for the next three years, music the trio produce will be marketed and distributed internationally as per part of the deal.

He said the future looks bright for them. "What most people don't know about these women is that they have amazing talent. People have also received them so well."

Last year, the group was part of the cast of Woman2Woman, a charity concert celebrating phenomenal women and raising money for the CANSA Association in Cape Town.

According to Channel24, the version that went viral was created by Woman2Woman director Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd about six years ago. Kiran, Amasure and Bock are actually the fifth group to perform it.

Gummers said people wanting to book the artists can contact them here.

If you missed the hype then don't worry we got you. You can watch it here:

We cannot wait to see what they come up with next.