25/08/2017 09:49 SAST | Updated 25/08/2017 10:30 SAST

Rhythm City Viewers Found The Show's Treatment Of Rape Triggering

Viewers are now demanding that the episode be removed from the show.


Broadcaster E.TV is in hot water this morning for their treatment of a violent rape scene that aired on popular TV show Rhythm City last night. The scene, which features the rape of lead character Palesa by Vega, has seen a torrent of complaints this morning that the scene is triggering for victims of rape.

In the episode Vega kicks his friends out of the room for trying to stop him raping Palesa, but the character fights them off, gets them out, unzips his pants, and proceeds to remove Palesa's pantihose. He then gets on his hands and knees, and forces himself onto her body.

Viewers are now demanding that the episode be removed from the show, and that E.TV should apologise for their treatment of such a sensitive subject. One twitter user said the episode is triggering, making it look like the broadcaster is 'advocating rape as entertainment'.

Another said

Anti rape organization Brothers for Life tried to use the episode as a way to get engage discussions around rape, but online audiences weren't so keen. "This approach you're taking to to "stopping" rape is so problematic, @BrothersSA. Ilusikizi lento niyenzayo, ayicingangwa tu." Said one enraged Twitter user.