03/09/2017 07:53 SAST | Updated 03/09/2017 07:54 SAST

Maimane Takes The 'We Can Fix This' Approach To EFF And UDM Coalition Problems

"I think we will continue to work, this is not an insurmountable issue".

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The unwillingness of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to discuss their decision to stay away from councils led by the Democratic Alliance (DA) is not an insurmountable issue, said DA leader Mmusi Maimane.

The EFF's boycott of municipal council meetings in DA-led metros comes after Nelson Mandela Bay deputy mayor Mongameli Bobani of the UDM was removed through a motion of no confidence brought by Patriotic Alliance member Marlon Daniels and supported by the DA.

The DA in the Eastern Cape then requested an urgent meeting with the EFF noting "with great disappointment the decision by the EFF to abscond from the councils".

EFF spokesperson Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi fired back at the DA's meeting request saying they will not meet with the SA to discuss the boycott as they are not in any coalition with the DA and do not owe the DA any explanation.

"The EFF will never explain itself to a white man," said Nldozi.

"The very tone and choice of words expressed in the DA statement demonstrate the supremacist attitude we have been talking about all along. To refer to our decision as 'short sighted' is proof of arrogance, always portraying their point of view as superior."

'DA was not the choice'
The EFF also said the 2016 election outcome was that people had rejected the ANC, but that the poll results did not translate into the DA being the choice.

Speaking on the side lines of a victory braai for DA student organisation's win in the University of Pretoria SRC elections, Maimane likened coalitions to marriage.

"Coalitions are like a marriage, you have a disagreement on one issue and that is the end of the marriage, it can't be, you must engage, that is why we are open for dialogue that's why we are calling for dialogue," said Maimane.

"I think we will continue to work, this is not an insurmountable issue, we will continue to work, we will continue delivering to the people."

Maimane reiterated his agreement in the removal of Bobani saying the DA's mandate is to serve the people, pass budgets, fight corruption and remove the ANC from government.

"If there are instances where people want to support the ANC by voting with the ANC as is councillor Boboni in Nelson Mandela Bay, then you can say that you are in a coalition with them, you must say that those people want to help the ANC.

"We still believe the situations we have are not insurmountable. We will still welcome an opportunity to meet them and engage them as we will every other party."

The DA also alleged there was corruption under Bobani and as such, the UDM have taken the party to court to force the DA to produce evidence of Bobani's alleged corruption. -- News24