05/09/2017 12:55 SAST | Updated 05/09/2017 12:55 SAST

Marmoset Monkeys Save Owner's Life In Mpumalanga, Intruders Flee

Monkey See, Monkey Boooooo🙈🙉🙊

PA Archive/PA Images

A pair of Marmoset monkeys saved their owner's life by scaring off intruders who entered an Mpumalanga woman's home and attacked her, according to Netwerk24.

Tazz and Zettie, the pet monkeys of Estelle Viviers, were in their cage in the main bedroom when the incident took place at the eMalahleni house on Sunday.

Viviers was overpowered at her front door when she arrived home.

"They [the intruders] beat me and forced me into the house...I was beaten relentlessly – against my head, behind my neck, on my jaw – several places."

The intruders then pushed Viviers to her bedroom where her monkeys were.

"They are normally loose, but I put them in a cage in my bedroom when I leave because I also have a puppy in the house," she said.

The monkeys apparently caused such a racket that the attackers left her in the room and hotfooted it out of there.

"They can be so glad the Marmosets were in their cage. My husband can't even kiss me hello if they are loose. The Marmosets would've really hurt the attackers," she said.

Viviers received medical attention and is recuperating at home.

Rika Verwey, a friend of Viviers', confirmed her strong bond with her pets.

"That's what monkeys do. You become part of their troop and then they are very possessive," she said.

The Mpumalanga police could not confirm the incident.