06/09/2017 12:49 SAST | Updated 06/09/2017 14:23 SAST

Dear Kenny Kunene. We Love You But Your Drama Is Like Too Much Now

First he was shot at 13 times, then it was 20 and then 21. Sigh!

Foto24 via Getty Images
Millionaire Kenny Kunene shows off his Porsche Panamera on in Johannesburg. Photo by Lucky Maibi/Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Businessman and socialite Kenny Kunene was the talk of the morning on Wednesday after news broke that he survived an attempt on his life after being shot at "13...20...and then 21" times in Johannesburg.

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Kunene took to Twitter to thank the divine powers for sparing his life on Tuesday night.

Tweeps have since pulled out some CSI detective moves and poked holes into Kunene's version of events. Some interrogated how he could have managed to count the number of shots while taking cover.

Although Kunene may have come close to losing his life, social media users have come out guns blazing accusing him of lying.

The sushi king and father to Baby Billionaire is not new to drama. In fact, he loves being at the centre of attention and here are the three times he's proven it:

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1. The Sushi King Days
Kunene was known for his love of women often going as far as eating sushi on their bodies. He was also the proud owner of ZAR Nightspot. He publicly splurged and boasted about how many girlfriends he kept at the time.

2. Kenny the Politician

In 2013, Kunene left the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as the head of campaigns, mobilisation and special projects barely a month after joining it.

A few months after his resignation from the EFF, Kunene founded his own political party, Patriotic Alliance which is currently in coalition with the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality. He later left the party to concentrate on his business ventures.

3. His online newspaper and the apparent hit

Kunene is the proud owner of Weekly Xposé, an online publication that according to its bio, has a "mission to bring you stories that mainstream media would hesitate to publish".

The site published the so-called Ramaphosa email leaks which Kunene had been vocal about.

True to form, Twitter users have reacted to the reports of the apparent attempted hit in a way only they can and it's, to say the least, a lot.

If you still wondering, here's what happened, in Kunene's own words: