06/09/2017 18:23 SAST | Updated 06/09/2017 18:32 SAST

'Kenny-The-Matrix-Kunene Should Win An Oscar' -- ANCYL Collins Chabane Subregion

"This was a rehearsed Takalani Seasame game performed to discredit Cde Cyril Ramaphosa," an ANCYL subregion statement said on Wednesday.

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Kenny Kunene at Oscar Pistorius' bail hearing in the Pretoria Magistrate Court on February 19, 2013.

The ANCYL Collins Chabane subregion in Limpopo on Wednesday dismissed an alleged shooting on Tuesday evening involving businessperson and socialite Kenny Kunene as a fabrication.

In a statement released on Wednesday, spokesperson of the subregion, Mj wa Azania, said it is "shocked by the hilarious movie played by... obsessed attentionist [sic] Kenny 'Matrix' Kunene". It called the alleged hit a "rehearsed Takalani Sesame game performed to discredit [deputy president] Cyril Ramaphosa" and said Kunene could win an Oscar if "directed to the right channel".

"Kenny Kunene thought politics is like a hip hop environment whereby surviving an 'attempted hit' would resuscitate his dead political career," the statement said.

The statement also took a swipe at Sunday Independent editor Steve Motale whom the subregioned called a "pensioning hungry journalist", saying the alleged hit was "just a ploy by them" with the intention of dislodging Ramaphosa's presidential campaign.

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Motale had reportedly been with Kunene earlier that evening. The editor also recently wrote an article revealing the alleged extramarital affairs of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, following which he says he has received death threats from Ramaphosa supporters.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters on Wednesday said police had found several bullet cartridges on the scene and an investigation was underway, according to The Citizen. Meanwhile, nearby witnesses told TimesLive they had heard gunshots, although some witnesses disputed the number of shots alleged by Kunene.

'Where in the world can a person be missed by 21 bullets?'

The tongue-in-cheek statement by the ANCYL nevertheless questioned why Kunene and Motale allegedly alerted ANN7 and The Citizen before calling the police, and asked "where in the world a person could be missed by 21 bullets".

"Were these hitmen paid with a garage pie and a half litre that they can waste their time?" the statement read.

The subregion reiterated its support for deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and took a swipe at the campaign for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. "Once your campaign is backed by shady characters like the Guptas, Mkmva, ANCYL or Collen Maine and the Women's League, expect drama," it read.

Meanwhile, ANCYL Provincial Secretary David "Che" Selane told HuffPost the provincial structure distances itself entirely from the statement released by the Collins Chabane region. Selane berated what he called a "group of attention seekers" for the "bogus" statement.

Spokesperson of the Collins Chabane subregion Mj wa Azania, in response, told HuffPost SA said they stand by their statement and did not anticipate support from the provincial secretary in light of protracted factional battles and, in particular, the "battle of preferences" over the ANC's next leader.