08/09/2017 07:39 SAST | Updated 08/09/2017 10:26 SAST

Giant Newborn Breaks Hospital Records (And Confirms Mum Is A Total Queen)

Noooo thank you.

It would be fair to say that most women experiencing childbirth would not be aiming to deliver a record-breakingly large baby (ouch!).

But that's exactly what happened to mum Makaela MacDonald when her newborn baby girl tipped the scales at a grand 6kg (!).

Just bear in mind that the average birth weight of a baby in the UK is 3.4kg for boys and 3.28kg for girls (yep).

Maisie Lily MacDonald earned herself a place in the record books for Rockhampton hospital in Queensland, Australia, successfully beating all other babies previously born there.

MacDonald, who was born on September 4 via Caesarean section, was welcomed with a Facebook post from her dad, Mason MacDonald, that said: "Welcome to the world and the family ya massive newborn."

Since the post went up, the family has been inundated with comments from parents around the world, mostly just congratulating the new family and being glad their own newborns weren't quite so heavy.

But Maisie still has some competition, as the title of heaviest female baby in the world reportedly goes to a baby girl in India who arrived in 2016 weighing in at a grand 6.8kg.

The 19-year-old mother Nandini, who goes only by her first name, gave birth to her first child by Caesarean section in May last year in Hassan, India.

Doctors believed the baby's weight overtakes the previous record holder, Carisa Rusack, who was born weighing 6.7kg in Massachusetts in 2014.

Dr Venkatesh Raju, the local health officer, said: "I believe she is not only the heaviest baby born in India, but the heaviest baby girl ever born in the world."