12/09/2017 06:32 SAST | Updated 12/09/2017 07:25 SAST

'Gang Rape' Latest In Scourge Of Teachers Abusing Pupils

"All three of them on one learner, that's shocking."

Picture for illustration purposes.
Picture for illustration purposes.

The KwaZulu-Natal department of basic education has alerted police about an incident where a principal and two teachers appear to be gang-raping a schoolgirl, EWN reports.

A video of the shocking incident has gone viral on social media, causing outrage. No one has yet been identified or arrested.

The national department of basic education also said four schoolteachers had been implicated in separate sexual-assault cases in Empangeni.

Spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga condemned the latest incident and said teachers were meant to protect children instead of preying on them.

"All three of them on one learner, that's shocking, disgusting and disappointing for people who are supposed to protect learners..." he said.

Mhlanga said on Tuesday that seven educators -- including a principal and a head of department -- would be slapped with suspensions on similar charges.

In addition, teachers from Mdlamse High School are expected to be served with suspensions for assaulting a pupil with what appears to be a stick. A video of this incident has also been making the rounds.